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“Reiki (ray – key) is a natural healing technique for relaxation and stress reduction.

Reiki is based on traditional Eastern concepts of energy systems in the body.

Current science and quantum physics have identified energy fields (biofields) surrounding living organisms and energy flow through the body’s cells, tissues, and organs. 

If the energy in our body is weak, blocked, or overstimulated symptoms of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalance occur.

Reiki helps balance, increase energy levels that are restorative and healing. Reiki is a process of energy exchange. The Practitioner is like a conduit for energy exchange. The Recipient does the healing by taking in and assimilating the energy as needed.

$50 per hour session

Practitioner(s): Cathy MacTurk, Leigh ShaheenRosemary Cramer


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I’ve had neuropathy in my ankle and foot from surgery for 5 months prior to trying the Ampcoil. I’ve noticed significant improvement after 2 sessions. Numbness is going away, swelling is gone, and muscle control is coming back!


After the AmpCoil treatment I couldn’t believe how rejuvenated I felt. I haven’t felt that good in a long time. And couldn’t believe it worked so quickly.


The change that I see in myself and my kids from reiki with Rosemary is amazing. The stress and fatigue and overthinking seem to melt away. My nine-year-old son entered his first session with some reservations. When he was finished with his session, he was lighter, happier, and talkative. There was a brightness in his eyes that reminded me of when he was a baby. I am grateful to Rosemary and the gift of reiki. In this sometimes-crazy world, it is so nice to be able to relax and recharge.