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Time to Thrive!

by Jan 6, 2019Blog_Posts0 comments

We are glad you found your way to Renewed Wellness Initiative. We began our business out of necessity for ourselves. Everyone who works with us has been through the roller coaster of emotional pain, physical illness, weariness, and simply surviving! But merely SURVIVING life is not what it’s about. We want to THRIVE and we want to see others THRIVE as well! You have gifts and talents that this world needs, and when you are sick and tired, it’s hard to share those gifts fully! We know because we have been there…when getting out of bed is a big deal, it makes it hard to do much more than that.

We each personally made the decision that our health and lives were important. We all believe health includes our body, mind, and spirit. The thing is, healing and thriving is hard to do it alone.

God brought us together to encourage and support each other, and now we want to encourage and support you!

Whether you are just beginning to explore natural health options, you have been using natural options to support your health for years, or you are a natural health care provider yourself; we want to walk with you, encourage you, and support you!

We exist to help teach people about wellness tools, nutrition, the power of emotions in health, how changing your mind can change your life, and how to live your best life. We also are there to help you feel connected, supported, and find rest and self-care for yourself. We know what it’s like to be too busy caring for other people to take care of yourself; and we know sickness can be a lonely and hard journey. We want to celebrate victories with you, help you find rest for your body, mind, and soul, and connect you to professionals within our center and outside our center.

As we continue with our personal goals of having a healthier body, mind and spirit, we invite you to join us! We believe NOW is always the right time to take your next step toward living your best life!