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The Zyto Scan is a Galvanometer such as a lie detector and measures galvanic skin response (GSR), digital signatures, to assess biological needs. GSR is the change in electrical resistance of skin caused by emotional stress.

Electrodermal activity is property of human body causes continuous variation in electrical characteristics of skin.

The body communicates what it needs to stay healthy.

Software analysis is documented as report of your biological preferences, needs, health issues The Zyto Scan is as a guide to improved decisions for health.


Track your health

  • Biocommunication Scans provide Information in moment, over time.

  • Tracking scans over time identify trends, long term issues.

Peace of Mind

  • It may be hard to explain what you feel and express what not consciously aware of.

  • Biocommunication occurs at the subconscious level and gives a new perspective about your unique biological preferences.

We offer free service scans to help you discover what types of therapies and tools currently resonate with your body.

Contact us at (330) 280-2726 to schedule your scan.

We also offer food and balancing scans.

Contact us for more information.