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Catherine MacTurk

Catherine has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. She has worked in a hospital setting for 16 years in the Washington, D.C area, in the areas of Medical/Surgical Nursing and Critical Care Nursing which combined SICU/MICU and CCU. She moved to the Canton, Ohio area in 1999 and started to become involved with complementary and alternative medicine. She became Level 1 Certified in the BIOSET Allergy Elimination Technique in 2002. With a move back to the east coast from 2003-2007, she continued to study alternative therapies and techniques. 
Catherine worked in a natural health store in Canton, Ohio for 2 ½ years where she was able to learn more about the Natural Health field, as well as educate others. She went on to become a Certified Natural Health Professional in 2013. She began using bio-communication scanning as a tool with her clients in 2013 and has been able to help clients identify areas in their lifestyle and health that may benefit them to look at more closely. She has also incorporated other complementary and integrative modalities to help her clients. In 2015 she was trained in ”Hot Rockin’ Reflexology” using the Integrative Reflexology® Method. 
Her continuous education and exposure to complementary and alternative medicine, along with her Nursing knowledge and experience, has put her in a position to help others integrate these modalities, with Western medicine, into their own wellness practices. 
Catherine has been able to share knowledge and educate others, in a positive way, on their journey to “chronic wellness.” 

Contact Cathy at (330) 280-2726 or e-mail at